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DynPEQ products

Mac OS X:
• 10.4 Tiger
• 10.5 Leopard
• 10.6 Snow Leopard
• 10.7 Lion
Mac Hardware:
• PPC or Intel, 1GHz and above
• 512MB and above RAM macLogos
Any Audio Workstation that supports Audio Units, such as soundBlade

Coming Soon!!
Pro Tools 10|HDX AAX


DynPEQ is a fledgling family of digital audio workstation plugins allowing detailed control over the audio spectrum, combining the functionality of a classic parametric equalizer and dynamics processor into an integrated unit. Here are overview links to the two DynPEQ variants currently available and background on how they work.

STOP PRESS! The family of hosts expands!
DynPEQ plugins for Pro Tools 10|HDX will be available soon. Please check back here or the Availability page for announcements.

• Quartet DynPEQ™: geared towards mastering applications

• Trio DynPEQ™: geared towards input processing

• A look under DynPEQ's processing hood

The following table is an overview of the big differences between the two DynPEQ plugins.


  Trio DynPEQ Quartet DynPEQ
Primary application Input processing Mastering
DynPEQ bands Three Four
Output peak limiter No Yes
Project patch store No Yes